Metal Wood Bending (Pittsburg Persimmons)

Happy New Year ABS -

Does anyone have the ability or past success on flattening the lies on some of the classic steel woods that have multiplied over the years and occupy a large corner of the basement? The hosels on many of these compact heads I have are long and seem plenty bendable. I have my eyes set on a sweet little Taylor Made Tour Spoon and 8.5* PT Driver, both just sitting there collecting cobwebs. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I think I have a Maltby book that addresses bending metal woods. I’ll check when I get home.

I’ve bent loads of the TM Burners and the Titleist PT’s. Here’s some info on how to do it.


Not sure where you live - but I have had them bent by a pro where I live in North Carolina. This model on ebay is usually 52 degrees or 51 degrees standard. My 3 wood which is the same as the one below is 51.5 which was the standard (no bending). … 540241f3f5

I have a tour spoon just like the model on ebay below that was at 53.5 and I had it bent to 51.5. I did not watch him do it, but I am 99.9% certain he did not use heat and has a knack of bending them and can usually bend it 2 degrees. … 3f2eb901e9

One more comment, I think the guys on this site like the woods at 49 or 50 degrees - but 51.5 works well for me and is probably 3-4 degrees flatter than the current woods you buy in stores today.

Well - take a look at the lie angles of today’s woods here: … specs.html

51.5 degrees is more like 7-8 degrees flatter than today’s standard for woods.

Thanks Freddie. Yes, the metal woods you have posted here are the ones I was referring to, all steel. The TM Tour Spoons, Tour Cleeks, Strong Ones, and Burners, Titleist PT woods with the two lines and the champagne paint, J’s Professional Weapons, Penna Cobalts - I feel like these models wouldn’t require as much labor and fire as the titanium woods seem to need. I would think they would bend easily esp. being tour models with long hosels. I do not have access to a wood bending machine at the moment, but I am eager to get these things down flat to Lag’s specs. I currently have a very sweet 6 screw persimmons that is supposed to have a 54* lie, but the thing feels like it is at 64* to me, especially since my irons are at Lag’s specs.