Maxfli Australian Blades

Hi guys, hope someone can help with this. Bought a set of Maxfli Australian blades yesterday, to replace my 93 apex set, worn out.
The maxfli’s are 4 to sand iron and much flatter lies than the hogans, so should be interesting to see the difference. Pitching wedge is missing so now the hunt begins, any clues where to look would be much appreciated. Have posted a cple of pics knowing someone here will know exactly the year model etc Red dot and red scrawly Maxfli
writing. I live in Perth oz as per my username and would have no problem purchasing from someone at ABS long distance if required. Fingers crossed and thanks for the connection to

There is a website called

I would look there… or shoot them an email if they don’t have it. They might be a good lead. The Australian Blade Red Dots
are good irons.

Thanks Lag , appreciate the reply , on the net for a few days hunting around, will email ironfinder. with the flat lies i am now getting shallow divots widest i have ever seen, have to work on getting my hands higher at address, chunking a few. if i see something i fancy on lagbay in the future , approx freight to perth ? thanks john to john

I just found these a couple days ago and like you was wondering if anybody might know more about them. Lucked out and found them at a second hand store but the set is only 2-9. No luck on E-Bay and I don’t have the faintest idea where to look for the matching pitching wedge. I’m located in Northern California(Sonoma County) but would be willing to look anywhere. Thanks for any help!
photo (4).JPGphoto (5).JPG

To nicelikejohnny … -97-97.htm

Pitching wedge here for only $ 50 us located california looks like from ad, i picked one up on ebay $75 landed perth aus yesterday.

not the same model but it will do till one ( if ever ) comes along, the picture at ironfinder is of a 3 iron, the back of a pitching wedge looks like this jpg. hope it is similar but " good enough for the bush " for me . as i type this just spotted another on ebay seller 2ndswing. hope this helps anyway.