Matt's Swing

Here’s is a student of mine who is a pretty good player. Just finished 15th in the National Trainee Championships in his first year. He finished 3 over for 72 holes in average conditions averaging only 8 greens in reg per round.

He can get up and down from anywhere… his short game is great… His problem is that he hits it like Mrs Havacamp from Caddyshack. He’s a 180 straightie :slight_smile: His swing is below… I wanted to get some opinions…

I notice a lack of leg drive on the downswing and through impact. When he works on his short game punch drills he has a lot more leg drive and compresses the ball very well… his trajectory is awesome. We worked a lot on this leading into the National Champs and he got up and down from inside 100 yards quite a lot.

The view is to start working how he pitches it into his full swings but I’m interested to hear everyones thoughts and opinions on what you see here.


P.S. Sorry about the flickering of the video… storms outside and the slow motion camera doesn’t like the lighting we have in our teaching centre.

P.P.S How do I embed a youtube video on here? I posted the embeded code but it came up as code.

Well his swing looks great :slight_smile:

Maybe a bit more spine tilt would help his pivot? Looks likt he is doing the turn great but getting stuck against himself.

Pretty interesting move with the L wrist from the top as seen DTL for that swing…is appears the wrist goes from flat at the top to a more bowed position during the transitional down.

Would be cool to see what he does with his pitching action for comparison.

From the caddy view…I would be interested to know if once he is settled at address AND then without shifting any weight within the feet, can he lift his L foot off the ground without first shifting a little weight to the R foot to allow the L foot to be picked up. My bet is that he can’t.

I get a little uncomfortable commenting on one’s action without seeing it live…but at the same time it’s kinda fun too. :slight_smile: RR