MASTERS, Billy Payne

Just saw a press conference held with Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Billy Payne. He was asked a question regarding security at this year’s Masters Tournament.

“You can screen for everything but bad intentions” was his reply. Reminded me of someone here at ABS, and his frequent admonition of having and showing “good intentions.”

Apparently having and showing good intentions makes for a great golf tournament, as well as a good golf swing.

Just curious about you guys living all over the planet…like Aus, UK, etc.

Do you guys have the Golf Channel where you live?

My favorite event to watch…simply beautiful scenery. Have heard the elevations are hard to see on TV.

But really enjoy watching the British too…cuz’ it’s on around 8:00am locally…nothing better than morning coffee and bagels watching professionals battling mother nature with shots carving all over the place. :slight_smile: RR

I live in Melbourne and don’t have cable tv. I’d prefer spend my money on green fee :laughing:
Yes, they broadcast some big tourneys in free channel. The masters starts at 5 am… I think…

In Aus the majors and WGC events come through on free-tv. PGA events come through on pay-tv. For the Golf Channel the only option is watching pirate streams on the internet–works well but I’d rather the HD stream you guys can get.

If you can’t get the Golf Channel, not to worry…it’s like not having access to a polluted stream. They have drifted from what at first was a great rich resource…interviews held by Peter Kessler with the greats such as Byron Nelson, and little known(to the world) but fine amateurs . Also, the instruction was interesting.

The drift has been towards promoting and airing their reality TV shows…the Big Break, and things such as Charles Barkley, and Donald Trump with celebrities. And of course …there is Tiger. Lots time spent fawning over him.

They have taken such a wrong turn.

To me, the old BBC production of the Open was a fine standard in terms of airing an event. CBS does a good job with the Masters. Maybe there’s not enough content for a 24/7 show to remain “pure.”
sorry about the rant / eagle

I agree Eagle 100%…the Golf Channel has changed for the worse…Inge Hammond -can’t handle…she sounds like a Ron Popiel " Set It and Forget It" pitchwoman :laughing:

Jim Breed and the Fix…sounds like a band…but he is playing at 78 speed…slow down dude… :slight_smile: RR