Many Classic Drivers for Sale

I have way too may persimmons and even though I love these clubs I need to let them to go better homes. Thought I’d try here before Ebay.

Add $10 to the prices listed for shipping. Will combine shipping.

945w, refinished, head in great shape, reshafted w/ a dynamic stiff, lamkin leather wrap grip. $60

Set of 3 First Flight Model J “Swinging Weight” woods, Driver, 3, 4. Penna design. Steel shaft, no label, feels firm/regular. $70

Rare George Bayer BW1 driver, amazing condition, no marks at all. Original mac tourney shaft, stiff. $60
BW1 comp.png

MacGregor SS1W velocitized. No cracks with original Pro Pel 1 shaft but pretty beat up. Great project here solid classic head. $30
ss1w comp.png

M85w driver, original stiff shaft, refinished, has a large ding that could be repaired by a good club worker. Pick up a classic cheap. $30

Macgregor PT1W (Penna design), really good condition 9/10, original Pro Pel 1 stiff shaft. $50

Wood Bros Texan, beautiful shape 9.5 out of 10, x100 extra stiff shaft. $135

Rare Toney Penna Special, fairly beat up but no cracks, some rust in the original shaft and original leather grip. A project. $30

Are these drivers flat?

Set of 3 First Flight Model J “Swinging Weight” woods, Driver, 3, 4. Penna design. Steel shaft, no label, feels firm/regular. $70

What kind of grips are on these?
And can you add further explanation to ‘feels firm/regular’?

They have rubber wrap type grips in good shape, playable but generic. I’d throw in 3 new victory half cord grips if you want because I have a stash. Not really sure how else to describe the shafts other than if the full spectrum goes as: senior, regular, firm, stiff, extra stiff I would characterize them in the firm/stiff bandwidth, not the stiff/extra stiff. I could be wrong.

As far as lie angle, these clubs are set at whatever the original club designers from that era intended…this will most likely put them well flatter than modern but probably not 5 or 6 flat. The lie angles have not been modified.

I’ve purchased clubs from LipOut before. He’s a straight shooter on the course and selling clubs.

^^^ +1!
Went to LipOut’s house a few weeks back and checked out his killer collection. He hooked me up with some suh-WEET clubs for a great price. Meant to give a call before I left town but I’ll just say it here: Thanks again!!

PT1W: Sold!
945W: Sold!
TP Special: Sold!
Wood Bros Texan: Off the market (change of heart) :open_mouth:

First Flights sold!
George Bayer sold!

Only stuff left is the SS1W and the M85 w/ the ding.