Manufacturer backlash begins...

Oh dear, Taylor Made won’t go quietly over belly putter & more it seems

At least the comments show the public isn’t in agreement.

Should be simple then to do the right thing and ban the much more recent frying pan drivers and hybrids. Follow that by banning plastic golf balls, then the great historic golf courses that made the game what it is today would make sense again.

Concentrating on square grooves is like worrying about a couple of oil drops on the driveway when you just threw a rod and blew your motor.

its too late for that to happen now. Imagine the lawsuits & backlash from the manufacturers’ lawyer army? The R&A are too intimidated to act.

The solution is not the USGA or R and A or the PGA Tour.

A new organization needs to form and rise over time.
It is a fact that there has been an increase in the number of persimmon players embracing the prior version of the game over the last few years. There is a quality, a beauty, a feel and sound that is undeniable… and golfers of any age will always sense this whether or not they immediately embrace it or not.

Why do people fly fish?

Whether you shoot 89, 79, or 69, those milestones are always more impressive using persimmon and blades… and I believe easier to achieve over time because of the feedback those clubs offer to help one improve. Scoring well is a lot easier when you hit the ball straight.

I have to chime in when it comes to fly fishing…I was thinking about the similarities to ABS and fly fishing for big tarpon…the knowledge, timing, grace, strength and practice involved to jump a tarpon on the fly is extremely rewarding, but it does not come over night (or even possibly over an entire season) - there are so many variables that need to come together, I don’t have enough space to write about them…but when it does all come together there is NOTHING like that feeling!! very much like striking it pure with a blade…

OR you could sit in a channel with a spinning rod rigged with bait and wait for your adversary…choice is yours - but I can guarantee, the few who have chosen the path of patience and casting skill will NEVER go back to bait fishing…at least I can’t imagine…

I will also say that ABS has helped me with my fly casting - holding rod flex and a level elbow will fling that fly miles…

I dont think golf is alone. We are getting to the point with life in general where technology is making skill become obsolete. The car industry is a great example. The only passion I have that can go toe to toe with golf is being a petrol head. All around enthusiasts are bemoaning the ease of use and ‘disconnection’ of todays sports cars. The performance is on another level for sure…but where is the unity between man & machine working in harmony?

Cars now have electronic buffers that do speed for you. Want a racing gear change? No problem. Launch control? Tick. Traction & stability controls that allow you to carry speed like Senna? As standard sir. The skillset needed to pull away from the pack is no longer of advantage. No need to understand what the steering is telling you and how to balance weight transfers, the electronics have you covered. A modern car will churn out great numbers for the 1/4 mile or Nurburgring, but I’ll take a 993 series 911 over the current 991 model. It’ll put a bigger smile on my face and ask more of me.

Classic racing exists. There will be a backlash against the modern game of golf soon enough

Is this the future?
With all that has been done away with… why not do away with the swing and instruction also?
Here you go: … tuza-DB8xE

Wow! Good find Lag. I thought it was an SNL skit at first. Love the comments people left.

For the record, she appeared to be a hitter (excellent post impact pivot thrust). Hahaha…

What a joke. I guess it’s still better than playing golf with an iron byron. At least they still have to aim the club, and hit chips and putts.