Manifestations of the drills

Has anyone developed, through mods/drills 2&3 a sense of pressuring the feet to control trajectory ? I feel as if I can get “deep” into the ground, at address, to control trajectory. Thoughts ?

No idea Jessie??? That’s way beyond me but I’m finding a chopped off follow thru with no flip to flight my irons low and accurate. I’m having hard time with mod 3 with my left hip issues.
I feel like I’m only on mod 2/3 even though I’ve done thru 6 a bit. I’ve shut down everything and doing mod 1 and 2 only now. I found an interesting way to do mod 1 because of my hip issue. I hold my tension in inside feet/abs and do zero pivot just hold pressure and use hands only. Try 100 reps like that u will be Popeye😀. Also I do the stretches John showed for each hand and both hands between sets.
I also hit balls today first time in a long time. A little shitty to start as I got some new modern srixon blades bent to lag specs. I noticed tiny bit of offset too. I put so much lead tape to weigh them down to lag specs. These nippon shafts felt flexible for X stiff. Need to check them. Havent regripped srixon to my normal midsize grips , they had small grips. Not sure if it was that or me or clubs?? Pretty early went back to my hogan apex pros and I was hitting high…highest ever 1-3 irons with compression feeling what Paul talked about on pod. Only swing thought was “hold shaft flex” and lock my abs on out breathe. Not course tested though😀. I like that thought because when I was doing mods 3-6 had so many thoughts. I think just keep doing reps and hold shaft flex is way to go. Let it seep in slowly but I want it now!!!
Need to get some videos to abs for mod 4 soon and probably be disappointed :frowning:. And work mod 3 when hip feels ready just gun shy after not being able to walk a couple weeks ago.