Maltby Persimmon

Just picked up this on ebay for under a £10

The one I have comes with an s300 shaft, feels helluva a light in comparison to my current persimmon, while its certainly no classic or noteworthy I was still wondering if anyone had any further info on its qualities>/??>?>

Hi Skinny,

I’ve got Maltby’s 900 page book Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration & Repair. I remember reading about The Hero Driver. IIRC The hero was designed for the average golfer to gain confidence with a driver being shorter in length with more loft etc. Having said that I’m certain that it’s well engineered though…His book details Wood topics such as Face Progression, Bulge, Roll, Sole width, Hosel boring,Grain patterns, and center of gravity to name a few. So my guess is that it can’t be all that bad of a club.

He also mentions that some persimmon heads are lighter than others due to the caliber of the tree when both heads are the same in volume. Also you can drill holes in the back and backweight the club but this also changes the amount of bulge required. Maybe The Captain has some extra :wink:

Mashie, many thanks for taking the effort to have a look and make a post - that sounds quite interesting. I’m no expert, but I’d reckon the quality of persimmon isn’t great, certainly not as nice looking grain as my other persimmons, however I think I’ll keep it and maybe look at getting it set to ABS standards over the next few months.
Nice M2 vid on the thread by the way. (mine is the other one!)