Major Champions

Got a bit bored tonight and started looking thru some golf figures & records and worked out how many Major Championship winners I have been lucky enough to play with through the years

33 Masters Champions
25 US Open Champions
25 British Open Champions
28 PGA Champions

Useless fact but thought it interesting nonetheless…that’s 111 Major Championships :astonished:

PS: some are multiple winners (i.e)… Tiger 4 Masters etc…take him off and I’m down to 97

I did a rough calculation the other day and a golfer has got to be in the top 0.001% of golfers in the world to make the US PGA Tour. To play in all the majors must at least take it down to 0.0003% (a guess!), that’s 3 in a million golfers. I think it’s easy to forget how blessed we are to have you around.

And I’m 1 in a million, so that means you are triple blessed to have me in the forum! I’m just saying…it’s in the math. :wink:

Captain Chaos