MacGregor Tourney M85

Trying to thin out my herd. These are flattened out 6* and extended .5" with new grips. The 2-9 are M85T and the PW and SW are M75. $200 shipped CONUS

Dropped to $175 shipped in CONUS

i already have a set of m75’s from 2-9. they are great clubs. I would be interested in the pw and sw only.

If no one is interested in the set, let me know, i would love the pw and sw as i cant find them on ebay or ironfinder.

What shafts are in those M85s and 75s?

I had a change of heart and gaming these again. no longer for sale thanks.

These are back up for sale $175 shipped CONUS.

The shafts are all original. 85=stiff; 75=firm/reg

I wish we can make edits to original posts but it’s important to know that I brought the shafts back to their original lengths also. After experimenting with non-permanent extensions (no epoxy used), I decided original lengths were best.

$150 shipped CONUS

I may be interested. Do you have the weights and swing weights for the clubs? Can you also provide the lofts?



Hi tinman,
Will take them. Check your email.

SOLD to mtmax thanks!