MacGregor Split Level Sole Technology

I’m confused at what the heck the premise of these irons were/was.

Isn’t the only important sole the bottom one?
If it had bounce … they wouldn’t dig.


The Split Soles are fantastic. These are real “players” clubs. Great strikers don’t need a lot of bounce. If you have great control of your lowpoint, these are fantastic clubs. I always loved how you could open the face up for a cut shot off a hard pan lie … like hitting over a tree… or wanting to come in high to a tucked right pin placement. Also great clubs for a course with a lot of bad lies in the fairway. You can really dig the ball out of a not of nasty lies with the split soles.

I am a bit surprised they had such a short life span. Probably not enough good players around to appreciate them correctly.


It’s the advertising I mean John.

I get that they are great at ‘picking’ from tight lies but the term ‘split level soles’ doesn’t really explain it to the average consumer/golfer.