MacGregor Split Level Sole Technology

I’m confused at what the heck the premise of these irons were/was.

Isn’t the only important sole the bottom one?
If it had bounce … they wouldn’t dig.


The Split Soles are fantastic. These are real “players” clubs. Great strikers don’t need a lot of bounce. If you have great control of your lowpoint, these are fantastic clubs. I always loved how you could open the face up for a cut shot off a hard pan lie … like hitting over a tree… or wanting to come in high to a tucked right pin placement. Also great clubs for a course with a lot of bad lies in the fairway. You can really dig the ball out of a not of nasty lies with the split soles.

I am a bit surprised they had such a short life span. Probably not enough good players around to appreciate them correctly.


It’s the advertising I mean John.

I get that they are great at ‘picking’ from tight lies but the term ‘split level soles’ doesn’t really explain it to the average consumer/golfer.

When I worked at MacGregor in high school and college, it was thought at MacGregor at the time that the split levels would revolutionize golf clubs. We expected to sell thousands of these sets. I agree they were great clubs, especially off tight fairway lies (like your deck :joy:. Unfortunately, none of tour staff would play them. I was told by my supervisor words to the effect that the tour staff said they were to odd looking.

Nonetheless, I looked into buying a set at the time with my employee discount, but I could not get enough money from the sale of the Tourney Customs I was playing with to buy them. Then, after graduating college, I went down the rabbit hole…lighter shafts, perimeter weighted clubs, upright lie angles, and upright swing. Bad…bad…bad, until I found ABS.