MacGregor PT2 CF4000

I need to make some room. I am having some storage problems.

Here is a set of MacGregor PT2 CF4000 2-iron through D.S. wedge.
I am uncertain of the date of manufacture, but the ceramic faced CF4000 series was mostly in the early 1960s, I believe.

The heads are overall in good shape.
The grooves are deep, the ceramic faces are not worn through.
I don’t know if it is because of the ceramic, but there is very little wear on the faces.
There is some chrome loss on the sole of the 2-iron. Strange as the face is perfect???

The shafts are not original (the pins are gone from the hosels.)
The shafts are Bruswick FM 7.0.
I believe that Bruswick is the predecessor to Royal Precision.
So, 7.0 on their frequency scale is very stiff.
The grips are royal half-cords in new condition.
They feel like they have no rounds played on them.

$50 + $15 shipping to continental US seems like a good deal.
Send PM or email to discuss.



I just sent you a PM…

Thanks for the post

So did I - they look great. :smiley: But I think buyers in continental US should probably get preference, so I’m easy.

Cheers, Arnie


Here is a picture of the 5-iron, laying in my Mitchell shaft board.
I call that 37.5 inches … you can be the judge.



I will happily send to the UK.
If Mashie passes for one reason or another, I’ll be in touch.

FYI Arnie,

Photonn & I are working out the details…