Macgregor MT step sole

Hey guys,

Recently bought myself a beautiful set of Macgregors from 1971 (MT step sole 3-10i) and was wandering if you guys have any info regarding the specs of these clubs, loft / lie etc.
Was also wondering if they are forged and what material they are made from.

Still waiting for the clubs to arrive in norway and i cant wait to get out hitting them :slight_smile:

Will post some pics after i get the clubs in my hands.

Sharky :wink:

The lofts and lies could be anything, you just don’t know what has been done to them over the years, but they should be fine for bending as far as you like.
I’ve a few sets of split soles, some have light shafts and are no good, some are already nice and heavy and hardly need any work to ABS spec them.