Macgregor M85 Iron Set


I hope you all can pardon a first time post as being a for sale item. I have been a regular reader of the blog since the middle of last year and greatly value all the information that is posted here, but I am just not someone who posts (well other than this post i guess).

The item for sale is a 1980’s vintage set of Macgregor M85 irons. The set is matched and includes 2-P. Stiff true temper shafts, no rust, pitting or browning (shafts or club heads), very little bag chatter and all ferules are intact. I have not measured the club lengths, but can say there is not an even length change between irons. The length change between clubs ranges from about 1/8th to ½ inch. New grips (black widow), lie angles about 5 degrees flat. Also included in the sale is a 1980’s vintage Colokrom sand wedge. The sand wedge is also in very good condition – no visible copper ware on the face, no rust or pitting and minimal bag chatter.

The reason for selling the clubs is to help finance another club project. I just picked up a set of 1950’s M85T that need some work done and wanted to offer these irons here to someone who will appreciate them. Again I hope you all can pardon a first time post as being a for sale item. If anyone has interest in the clubs please contact me. Direct email contact is the easiest way to reach me. I have a couple of (unfortunately poorer quality) pics on my phone I can send by email. Additional pics and/or information are not a problem, just let me know what is desired. I live in Northern Ky incase there is anyone in the area who would like to see the clubs first hand.

Price is best reasonable offer.

Kind Regards,

I now have pic available, but could use help in posting them. Any help is much appreciated.


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Pics added. Thanks for the help.

Asking price is 175 or best offer.

Thanks for looking.

SW sold. Thanks Thomas. Updated asking price is $150 or best offer for 2-P.


Too bad they aren’t lefty.

I hear ya buddy. It’s cruel really how lefties are taunted by all these amazing and beautiful right handed clubs that go for sale on this site. Although, I still get a lot of pleasure from my mp68s.

Lefty stuff is out there, but it can be tough to find. I’m up to 5 vintage sets now to go with my MP68’s, and a few really nice persimmons, but it takes patience and a lot of searching.


Thanks for all the interest.