MacGregor Golden Bears

Does anyone have one of these sets? I believe they were from the early 80’s. Was it a department store line?

Hi Anthgolf,

From what I have read the seperation of two product catalogues…“professional” (pro shops) and “retail” (department stores) didn’t last much past the 70’s. Is this the club that you are interested in?

Surely one only its mother could love?

Cheers, Arnie
golden bear.jpg


I think there are a couple of different irons MacGregor put out by that name. I played a set in the end of the 80ies (i think it was an older stock set by then), i bought around '88. I haven’t got these irons anymore, but from what I remember, the muscleback looked a little like the Hogan Precisions/Mizuno MP14. They had the diamonds next to the grooves and brown/gold ferrules as I remember. They don’t show up in the Kaplan guide, where an earlier Golden Bear model (the one Arnie just posted)- that looks nothing like the model I have described above - does appear (from the 70ies). My guess is that the Golden Bears from the 80ies were a cheap department store set. From what I remember they were in fact cheap(er than the other sets available at the time).

That’s the one…my brother just found a set at his local pawn shop and wondering whether he should bother.

I’ve got a few of these lying around…a little more attractive, I think.


Now now now… let’s not get too disparaging about the GB’s.

I remember the set I got in 68 or 69. It had that same “bear logo” as are on CD’s pics, but mine were more squared off and cut in the back… not the smoothed out backside as CD shows and not the version that Arnie shows either. It was my first new full set of irons EVER and I can still remember keeping them in the display box with the plastic baggie on each iron head in my room until the spring weather arrived. I’d pull an iron out, waggle it a little, then put it back in it’s slot in the box.

Fond memories indeed.