Good Day All !,
Last day of goofing off before back to work… Macgregor persimmon 3 wood, with Meteor shaft…?
$1.50 at an area Thrift store, is around 54 deg. so could be a candidate for flattening,
still working up the courage to try my hand at another project…
1’’ added and re gripped , ready to hit it tomorrow for my last round until who knows when… :slight_smile:
Anyone with any history on this club line please respond, kinda neat getting gathering these clubs and details , always
gives me more fodder to chat up on to my new tech. bros’

demaret 3 wood 003.jpg
demaret 3 wood 002.jpg
demaret 3 wood 001.jpg

Even though I am responding to myself to any who are curious…
I played a couple of rounds with this club has my primary fairway wood and really liked it,
truly a solid feeling head and just love the THWACK !! it makes when struck, so much fun for $2.99 :wink:
That meteor shaft is pretty light though as the ball flight was result was a high draw that kept going left !!.. that MOD 1 work is really kicking in, I gotta play the ball way right… !
Really love tinkering with and playing this old gear!


I just bought one of these off Ebay. It looked old, solid and had been refinished so I got it. Supposed to have a stiff shaft so we’ll see. Looks good though.