MacGregor 693 Tourney Tommy Armour on ebay

Can anyone tell from the pictures what kinds of shafts these are in terms of stiffness? I can’t copy and paste the photos from ebay but here is the link. Thanks. … 2eb2d38da4

that pic of the shaft is actually not the decal … that writing that is shown is generally farther down the shaft near the last step in the shaft just for identification of brand and help for shaft insertion

(with taper tip shafts those id or brand names should all be pretty close to being in a direct line right across the entire set if you lined them up against a table…helps you realize if you have put the 7 iron shaft in the 6 iron and messed up the stiffness or stepping of the set)

I would send the seller a question about the stiffness…it says they were made for a pro so should be at least ‘stiff flex’…but rather be safe than sorry as I wouldn’t want to buy them if they only had regular shafts in them

Not sure if those are originals or not, as they did make a few series of remakes. Originals of near mint condition would go for thousands … back in the 80’s.

Still a great looking set. I would imagine they will fetch upwards toward $300 to $500 sight unseen. One of the all time great cuts.

Of course I would have them torn apart and flattened to pancake specs within hours, because I like to play stuff rather than look at it through museum glass. :sunglasses:

Thanks. Luckily I didn’t win anything over the weekend even though I got a little over anxious in my bidding. I have a question into the seller now.

So the seller offered me a chance to re-buy, I asked a question, then he pulled it. Maybe I offended him by asking shaft flex!

well maybe that answered your question?..great looking clubs but hard to buy a persimmon (for me anyhow, as I am not the reshafting/ rewhipping kind with the woods) that don’t have the correct shafts in them that you want to be able to use

I have one of these 693 MacGregor Tommy Armours also…that I completely forgot about and found in my stash the other day

It has been refurbished and reshafted with an Apex 5…it sist nice and flat also, very close in lie angle to the Hogan MacGregor…great looking golf club…I don’t think I have even hit it…I have his 3 wood brother also that I have hit and is in good shape but not as pristine as the driver


wow those look really nice!!

Oh Wow, my eyes just popped out of my head. I now know what Robbo feels like, lol. Now thats a nice driver! Like a museum piece.