Mac T945 vs 954W

Hey Folks,
Been wanting to add a 6 screw Mac driver like the one Nicklaus used to my collection…
attached some pics of one I been looking at on Flea- Bay,t945, from what I have read on posts, this is a 70’s or so remake of the T Armour 50’s model 945W…which appears to be very hard to come by… Any opinions if this one is a decent block?

t945 sole.JPG
t945 face.JPG

They are good blocks…

The word on the street back in the day was that the 50’s versions were cut from harder persimmon.
My experience from drilling into some of these things to add weight plugs confirms it to some extent.
Mike might have some thoughts on this. I know he thinks the Spalding releases like the Model 28’s and TopFlite persimmons had the hardest wood.

Thanks Lag
This looks like a go on acquisition!

Happy holidays!

Dale - Lag is correct, I do think the Spaldings had the hardest wood and many had wonderful head shapes - watch for Model 28, Models 56 and 83. The MacGregor T945 and others from this generation M-85 etc. are good buys but lack the classic collectibility and rarity of the early models and consequently are much cheaper to get - good buy but do not over pay. How’s the alteration work going? MR

Thanks Mike,
Happy new year!
I picked up a pretty shop worn T945 for $18.00, So I’ll be refinising , add weight, reset the insert and re grip… has a stiff shaft already, and the
lie angle appears to be around 52 degrees, which with my current swing is working pretty good…

Have kinda slowed down on the alterations and just working on that one and a couple of 4 woods,
How about yourself what are you working on these days?
I did see a nice set of Macregror Key- Site RT2W’ woods for pretty cheap on fleabay… I might grab those…

take care!