Mac Persimmon question- FOR THE EXPERTS...

Does anyone know if MacGregor remade later editions of the 945 or 945W or were they only made in the 50’s? And also does anyone know what years they started and stopped using the letters for their shaft flex?
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There were replicas later.

but, the originals always had the model stamped into the wood above the plate… not ON the plate.

The shafts early were numbered… so the #1 shafts were the stiffest…and really play like modern day X shafts.

Thanks a lot Lag… do you have any years on when the numbered shafts were out or when the lettered ones came in or stopped? Or do you know where I could dig that info up?

There are definitely remakes from the 70’s and 80’s - I have some. They are still nice clubs, but not nearly as nice as the originals. As Lag mentioned, the model designation is stamped onto the sole plate and the Macgregor logo is the thicker, modern logo. Also, the original original 945s were Tommy Armour models (someone correct me if I am wrong).



My reference shows that 1957 was the last year for TT shafts in that period and the “alpha system” for designating shaft flex. Mac went to ProPel Tourney shafts after that and it appears they went to a numeric flex system. It also shows that the 945 wood models from 1953, 54, 55, 57 were stamped 945W, 945TW, 956KW (the K or the T represented flex)???

The 945 re-makes from 1983 forward look to have an alpha flex designator on the shaft band. I have one of the remakes and it has a “C” (stiff) label on the shaft which corresponds to a shaft flex of “1” in the stamping on the hosel (the 2nd digit of the s/n stamped on the back of the hosel represents the flex).


Great info… thanks guys…
I picked one up at a good price regardless of what year it was made, but I’m trying to figure out if it’s an original. It’s stamped on the wood on the sole and not the plate so it sounds like that would make it from the original batch? Is just the straight rule on these? It’s also got an original TT ‘C’ flex shaft with the red-ish sticker. I can’t wait to get it and see what the deal is- it’s in great shape.
Robbo, were the remake shafts with the C on them done with the original sticker style? And also, according to the info that two is posting in the learn about old gear thread, the T, at least on the Armour irons, 985T for example, just meant that they had cord grips- it seems strange that they would stamp the head with that but I guess grips weren’t seen as replaceable things at that point? That year on the alpha system ending would match up to this driver being original- I hope so…


Yes… the remakes had the orangish shaft band and they were also stamped on the bottom toe of the head in the wood area with 945.

I think the tip off will be if it has a 7 character alpha-numeric stamping along the hosel. I believe only the remakes have that. First digit is swingweight, 2nd is flex, model number, lot number, etc. Regardless, even the remakes are awesome looking.

It is funny to think that back in the day they would stamp shaft flex and grip type on the heads of the clubs… even the irons. I think you’re right in that they just didn’t live in this “I’ll just change out what I want to” sort of world we live in now.


Interesting, thanks for that info, Robbo… great help… I’ll wait and see when it gets here if it has that serial number…
Yeah, when they built clubs back then they built them to last from top to bottom, it’s a business model that doesn’t fit our profit driven disposable world…

That driver came in and I’m pretty certain it’s one of the later remakes. For starters it’s brand new and still has some of the stickers it- it’s never been hit. It’s a fantastic looking head- I can see why this shape was so popular, it’s just begging to be hit. It’s got beautiful grain too, and a stiff shaft- I was hoping it would be X since another club I got from this guy was X, but not to worry. It’s a touch short so hopefully that might firm it up a little. The serial number doesn’t align with what you were saying though, so I’m not sure how that works.
Do you know what years these things were remade? All in all I can’t complain, even though it’s not an original, $20 for a brand new Mac is pretty sweet…
Cheers for the help…

In 1988 (or 87) Mac made a big run on Remakes of the M85, 693, 945W and some of the Velocitized models. The big give away to me was on the 80s remakes they cut 3 score lines in the middle of the insert vs. 4 on the original 50s models on the M85 and 945W, plus the No.1 was positioned differently. Also on the 80s remakes the 945W and 693 model said “Tourney Custom” on the crown not Tommy Armour. I once bought a Armour 945W that I thought was original, and later realized it was not an original, but a 97 Centennial version that somebody re etched Tommy Armour after a refinish. The person who did it did a great job. The only way I knew it was not an authentic 50s was by inspecting the “MacGregor” cursive on the sole plate, some of the letters were shaped differently in all the remakes. I later figured it was a Centennial from 97 that was just about exactly like the orig down to the score lines, shaft band, ect.

thanks to Robbo and Freddie for the info (and Bom for the question)

I too thought I had some older stuff…sigh…but they are pretty anyway!! (and the price was right)


Thanks a lot, Fred… spot on with all of that, 3 score lines and Tourney Custom- I’d noticed the name on top alright and figured during the remake they no longer had the rights to the Armour name. Was the 3 score lines a technical development or what was the thinking behind that change? I can’t believe you got scammed like that btw- what, as they say, is the world coming to?
On the subject of Armour, do you or does anyone else know what the tip diameter was in the shafts on the original 985T irons? Or is there somewhere I may be able to find that out?
Thanks for the info…