Mac DX2

Hello ABS -

I am a new member and an avid reader of the forum. I currently play Mizuno MP-14 irons.
Since learning about ABS specs, I have been hunting for heavy non offset gear.
I recently purchased this Mac set for $45. How did I do? Are those short irons offset?

Vintage MacGregor DX2 Tourney iron set. 2 through 9, and DX Pitching Duty wedge.
Matching serial # 2C4210U.
Golf Pride Velvet Cord Victory grips
Original Tourney Action 2 steel shafts


Those are a really good set.

The offset can be bent out of them if done properly.
The #2 shafts can be tipped into #1 X shafts with a bit of work.

They might need a bit of weight also… but it’s a good start and I like how those set up.

Thanks for the reply Lag. These are the seller’s photos. I have not received the irons yet, but I’m excited to see them.
Have you done work on the Mizuno MP-14’s? Mine seem plenty offset with the third grooves way back of center. Short, thick necks too.