M85 Tourney Irons -- Are we fans?

Just getting into the vintage gear, so I need some help from the seasoned and discerning buyer. Worth $50? Any ideas on rough year of birth?



I’d snap them up…Just make sure the shafts are good/not short for some reason…I’m not an expert but my guess would be late 60"s…

Thanks. They are most definitely M85s and not M85Ts–I’m not sure the difference, though I’m sure someone does (and can tell me :smiley: ). I figure for the price and the short distance, it will be worth picking up a set with appropriately stiff shafts that I can use while I take my Dyna’s out of commission and venture into the world of clubmaking–I just bought some True Temper x100 shafts that I hope to drop in the Wilson’s.

Those are 1950’s… probably 52 to 55.
Most have stiff shafts.

Buy them just for the heads. One of the great all time iron sets.

In addition to the aesthetic pleasure of owning and playing these clubs, it gives me great satisfaction to get such a ‘steal’ knicking these clubs off someone who doesn’t realize what they have. And golf has suddenly become so much affordable. Lag, my understanding is that the tapered shafts are not intended to be tipped, but you do tip yours 1/2 inch, correct?

The only difference between m85 and m85T is the grip, T meant chord. Also, if the shaft is still stock and hasn’t been changed out already then it will be stiff. All M85 were stiff, M75 firm/regular, M65 regular/senior, etc. $50 is a steal if the condition is at all decent.

Thanks. I’m going out on Friday to have a look. Dare I negotiate him down further? :smiley: