Luke Donald tees it up with 50's Mac Persimmons and Dynas

Interested to know what he shot… rather than just giving a review of the old stuff. Luke’s one of the guys I think would do well with the older stuff.

You’d have to teach him to start rotating and stop flipping through impact though John… :smiley:

Luke is one of the rare guys that uses a pure swinger’s release and can time it very well. Most people can’t and never will, and it is VERY difficult to teach someone that.

When I was younger and used a swinger’s release, I could at times strike the ball very well, but I had a very hard time with it under pressure because like most… you tighten up under pressure and that is death for a swingers release. This release requires excellent mind and body control to keep relaxed and maintain that feel from day to day. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, learning to control you heart rate… all that good stuff… but I don’t want golf to feel that difficult, and I certainly don’t have time to hit 300 balls a day.

I remember reading an interview with VJ, and he said if he took one day off hitting balls he feared completely losing his swing.

The feeling of a swingers release going bad is one of the worst feelings in the game. Complete frustration and helplessness.
Bravo to anyone who can do it though.