Lucy Li

Jim Mclean posted this, from 2 years ago…


Damn, the head on that club looks bigger than her head.

Is it just me, or if you stop the video at each of the ABS checkpoints she is spot on. Comes from 4:30. Good squat. Bent right arm at impact. No pivot stall. Stays connected past 3o’clock. Any of the more experienced ABSers have a take?

While I would not be the expert to critique, I also was admiring her swing, and her accomplishments at such a young age.
A DTL view would be interesting, and surely will be available soon.

My critique is she’s just got ‘it’… Her brain is wired in a certain way and that’s something that can’t be taught… Tiger was the same way at like 3 yrs old… She’s 11 and demolished the field at the Sectionals… Her backswing is about identical to Bobby Jones, level shoulder turn and way across the line… (search drive chip and putt from Augusta for DTL view) Slots in beautifully and there’s no intent to hit from the top with a aggressive post impact move… Hope McClean doesn’t mess with anything for aesthetic reasons while her little brain is still developing…