Lucky Literary Find.....

I thought I would share news of my good fortune :smiley:

I was walking down the street today and was amazed to see a hand written sign in a second hand furniture shop that read “300 golf books for sale”. So I popped in out of curiosity and the story was that the store owners (non golfers) had purchased a wardrobe to sell on but when they opened it up they found this huge collection golf books. I spent 20 minutes looking and could have easily spent all afternoon but as I had to be back I just picked up as many ones that looked the most fascinating and that I could carry (£1 each!) and made my way home. Here is what made up my Xmas reading haul:

Billy Casper - Golf Shotmaking with Billy Casper
Julius Boros - How to play Par Golf
Doug Sanders - Come Swing with Me
Ben Hogan - Power Golf
Herbert Warren Wind and Anthony Ravielli - Tips from the Top
Herbert Warren Wind and Anthony Ravielli - Tips from the Top 2
Gary Player - Play Golf with Player
Sam Snead - How to Play Golf
Sam Snead - Natural Golf
Dai Rees - Golf may Way (The Welsh Pocket Rocket)
Joe Dante - The Four Magic Moves of Winning Golf (This title seems to crop up a lot so I thought it was worth a look)
Gay Brewer - Score Better Than You Swing (Surely not easy for Mr Brewer!)

I’ll post some sections, swing images and illustrations if anything of great interest pops up.

Happy Christmas Everybody!

Cheers, Arnie

P.S Mrs Arnie was beside herself with joy at the addition to our already groaning bookshelves :wink:

Thus explaining the loud “GRAHAM… YOU DIDN’T” I heard earlier today. Mrs. Arnie’s voice sure does carry! :slight_smile:

Merry Christams to you as well,


That was definitely her Robbo… :wink:

Probably just as well I didn’t go through with my original plan which was to purchase the wardrobe and smuggle in all 300 books under cover…I suspect that might have been my water hydrant moment!


Can’t quite believe you didn’t snaffle the lot in one fell swoop…it’s important to be good to yourself every once in a while…although obviously I don’t know quite how woodsesque your situation is!


Those books will keep your brain full of swing thoughts for the next five years. Won’t be any room for negative thoughts!