Love the new forum...happy to be back

Hello all,

It’s been a long time since I came to the website. It’s all the same but newer…glad to see Lag is still at it. I’m 8 years into my journey with ABS, completed all of Brad’s drills/a couple of lessons and 1-3 of Lag’s program. Eventually, I’ll get my A$$ on the deck in San Fran for a few hours…looking forward to that.

Anywho, hitting tons of fairways and greens now. Unfortunately, I do play modern Driver and 3W, Stealth/SIM2 (with so much lead tape it makes people question my sanity). After attempting to build our own flat “modern” driver/3W/hybrid for my “pivot” driven swing, we found it to be impossible to compete with the big manufacturers. Although I feel like we created a great modern option, the ball goes nowhere in comparison to thin faced space age frying pans…and when playing 7500 yard courses, you need the distance. Even if it does spray a bit.

Luckily my Arias zero offset irons are keeping me scoring…occasionally. I also found out recently that cool clubs and club champion can bend offset out of modern forged irons…even if they are still far too “light” to apply the whole of ABS concepts. I’ll always prefer my murfields…but the modern ball does NOT.

I’ll try to pop in over and get involved when time permits, until then I’ll be grinding…secret is in the dirt I reckon.

Later folks

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Welcome back!

Do you use the Arias wedges too? How do you like them? I always thought they had an interesting product line. Their long irons have .5 mm ONSET up to a sand wedge with 2 mm ONSET.

They’re coming out with a head soon with a smaller footprint than their first model.

Also should be easy to get modern irons up to weight. Steel shafts and add weight to the heads. Not that I do that myself, still play my 75 Dynapowers :grinning:

Where do you put most of the lead tape on your driver & 3-wood? I was able to buy a couple after-market heavier weights for my Sim1 driver and M4 3-wood which will add a little weight (haven’t received them yet).



Old D2J here (couldn’t get my old account up), how’s the vintage game? Love the 75 dynapowers…great choice.
Looking forward to our continued growth on Lag’s new space.



Right on the bottom center. I tried to keep it all on the “fin” that runs the bottom. It just gets really thick, lol. I recently got a driver fitting and they had me at E2 on my swing weight…that’s with the new Stealth/Ventus Black 6-X combo. Hopefully, no lead tape needed.

Welcome back to ABS D2J.

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I will give that a go. I just ordered some heavier weights that can replace the standard ones and also a heavier x shaft.

Thanks! Jim

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I don’t recommend trying the modern equipment route with this technique, far more enjoyable with persimmons and blades imho. I’m just hard headed…I like the X stiff shaft with all that additional weight too…good luck!

I am getting my blades this week and I will be getting my old Jack Nicklaus McGregor woods back in the future.


Hey Dedicated, nice to see you in the dog pound…I think I deleted you channel cuz it was empty?

Lol…thanks Rat. Im constantly messing around. I think of it more as a swing journal, learning my tendencies. I like the shorts too because i can overlay songs or motivation tracks to remind me of my mindset that day. I usually save one or two swings from each run of videos, then i clear…hit the lab, drill work, etc. Comback bigger and stronger…then make more vids. Some people seem to really like them though :man_shrugging:

My hope is to get video inside the ropes of these quals and tourneys i play. I wanna see what goes on when ive got pressure on me. Im sure folks can enjoy watching too…but its more for me. I time my routine, identify fundamental errors, etc…

I just dont have the money to hire a person to video and edit everything into an entertaining offering. My life is a grind…more drama than action, lol.