Louisville Persimmon Weight Port ?

Good Afternoon Fellow Abser’s.!
Just picked up this Louisville driver, weighing in around 13.6 and wanted to add a tad of weight…
but would rather mess with the sole plate…any one utilized the brass fitting gizmo on these?
looks like a small screw… don’t know if its hollow in the heel and powder can be added, or just
drill it out and pour some lead would be best, any thoughts would be appreciated!

lville heel.JPG
lville fov.JPG

Dale, you should be able to get a couple of gms in there. I did one that had a hex screw, I removed it and filled the hole tungsten powder mixed with epoxy, then refitted the screw.

Thanks Neal!
It looks like a pretty small opening…
knowing me I’ll probably hog it out with a drill a melt some lead in there… :wink:
at least the hole will be in the right place !

thx again