Louisville Persimmon Driver, Limitted Edition

I’d much rather give this bad boy to one of the guys on here than move it on fleabay. I know it will have a happy home with one of y’all.

Brand new, never hit, limitted edition Louisville Smart Pro-BE driver. Only four of these were made in black with the red insert. It’s absolutely stunning.

I have included a picture from the 2012 catalog so you can see the specs… and price. The NON-limitted edition drivers are $305. I’m asking $199 shipped.

The same day this arrived at my door my wife told me she was pregnant with our 3rd child. I shed a tear… for the driver… and now it’s got to go.

43", Stiff flex, Steel shaft.

Paypal preferred.

(I put a 2G golf pride grip on it)
Louisville 2photo.JPG
Louisville 3photo.JPG
Louisville 4photo.JPG
Louisville 5photo.JPG
Louisville 6photo.JPG
Louisville 7photo.JPG
Louisville photo.JPG