Louisville Golf

Has anyone ever played any of the new stuff from Louisville Golf? Their website is pretty informative and I believe they used to produce persimmon woods for many of the major manufacturers. The have persimmon woods and putters and they produce irons as well.


From their website:

In 2004 we made a very special driver for a very special golfer.

Originally commissioned by one of sport’s top companies, Louisville Golf made a custom-built Persimmon driver for the # 1 player in the world. This player (called TW by the company who commissioned us) uses this special Persimmon driver in the off-season to sharpen his ball striking and connect with the spirit of the game.

“Woods hits a bevy of persimmon-head drivers and fairway woods on the range at Isleworth, saying he loves the sound and feel and the smaller margin for error. ‘If I ruled golf? We’d be playing persimmon and balata,’ he says.” From: The year of living dangerously by By Jaime Diaz, Golf Digest

With the amount of money Tiger has gained from playing golf … he could write the check and start a persimmon tour.

Ten $100,000 events a year, and everyone has to play persimmon and blades. The player entry fees would cover the admin costs. It would be that easy. And all kinds of players would be showing up get in on the prize money. He could call it The Woods Tour, and if he showed up to play a few of them, he changes the direction of this game… it’s that simple.

If he really wants to walk his talk, then he could set the wheels turning in about three minutes.

People should walk their talk.

I lose respect for people that say things like that, and don’t act upon their words… He could change things… he really could.