Loud Clubs...

For some time my 6 year old grandson has been bugging me to make him a “loud club”. In his mind, loud clubs are the frying pans and “smooth clubs” are the irons. :laughing:

He has been using a junior driver with a steel head about the size of a persimmon 4-wood which he handles quite nicely.

Grandpa finally gave in and I made him a light 460 cut down, but with a caveat. If he gets a new “loud club”, his old club will have to be donated to the range for other kids to use. When he first saw the 460 his eyes were gleaming. Now, he thought, he looks like all the other adult golfers with their oversize stuff…and he couldn’t wait to give it a run.

He, being the showboat pro, teed it up high and let 'er go. Got lucky perhaps on the first one and carried it about 100 yards and rolled to 120. Over time however his dispersion grew…hitting left and right and everywhere. He was getting frustrated. However, the club seemed too head-heavy for it’s length, and a tad too long, and he had a difficult time controlling it. Anyway, after numerous off-line shots, he started to go back-and-forth between the old driver and the new. Finally, he said…“Grandpa, I think I want my old club back.”

Another thing we did was reinforce an inside path. I took a golf ball and drew a smiley face on it with the tongue dangling out of the right side of the mouth. His mission was to hit the tongue…he loved the image and the results.

Fun day. Gotta love how kids process this game mentally. :slight_smile: RR

Great stuff, Double R, sounds like he’s got some solid instincts and guidance too. There are some cool videos on youtube of youngsters hitting shots that make for fascinating viewing. Whether it’s the weight of the club or their instinctive search for power, they invariably ‘drop and load’ really well and the start of the down swing.
It’s fascinating that he perceives the clubs as sound too- gotta love minds…
Thanks for sharing…

That’s neat RR,

Some good cheese there. You’re grandson learning to like cheese too? I am thinking there is some real potential for you to write a book on feelings and images in the golfswing. You seem to have the gift.

I am reading a book by Carey Mumford, and just got to a page where he talks about Duffy Waldorf playing with balls that his kids have drawn on for him. This example was given to illustrate a point regarding a preferable state of mind in the pre-shot moments.