Lots of clubs for sale and a couple of extraordinary guitars

Hi ABS-ers,

I have far too many clubs and also would like to raise some money to help out my kids’ band who are making a big push in NYC these days.
So starting with Drivers:
New High Tech drivers first:
I have a rare and expensive Nakashima NP HTEC 460 10.5 with tool with Graphite Design new Aura Red shaft: used for one round. Hit no more than 20 times with new shaft. Head a year old. excellent condition, with Nakashima headcover. Said to be the hottest driver in the world. Who knows. it sits beautifully. Net effect is good launch and low spin. The shaft is good for anyone who would normally swing a stiff shaft. Give away price: 250.00
Taylor Made Tour Burner 9.5 last years model with Aura Gold shaft. This has been my go to driver and a great match between shaft and head. Also for stiff swingers. with headcover 150.00
Callaway FT Tour 9.5 with better Fujukira shaft. Draw and that is why I am selling. Best sounding modern driver I have used. Last years model and in excellent condition. with headcover. The same driver Stuart Appleby uses but for the draw. this sold for 499.00 and less than 10 rounds for 200.00

I have three or four persimmon drivers from MacGregor: Tony Pennas and other Macs. all in good shape 3 for 100.00

I have a great set of Mizuno MP62 that I bought last fall. 3-PW. 2 degrees strong and 3 degrees flat, midsize grips. TTS300 shafts. great workability and trajectory. Until last week I played only MT blades in college, Mizuno blades as an amateur player, and these are the first cavity backs of any sort I have played, and they are as close to a blade as one can come. Wonderful clubs. 899.00 list, in excellent condition for 350.00 As I said I am trying to sell stuff

I have several sets of classic blades including MT Penna’s ceramic face 2-W; Apex second generation; CF4000, beautiful staffs from the 70s and some old Haig Ultras. Contact me if you are interested in any of these.

For those of you who are guitar players or collectors I own a few rare ones. The one I was saving for my son upon my death is my favorite. All original but for refretting of course,
a 1959 Fender Esquire as loud off the body as any guitar I have ever owned. Extraordinary condition and very rare with original case. It’s the real deal Serious inquiries only. You know what these are worth
A 1972 Fender Thinline that is also in special condition. Johnny Lang tried to buy it from me but I was also saving it for my son. Now I think I’d just rather support the band and if they hit it, he can buy them himself later :slight_smile:

I am travelling, visiting an old friend dying from Pancreatic Cancer so I am not likely to be able to respond to emails quickly. I am in Chicago now and then Phoenix through Wednesday. Be back east by Thursday and will likely respond to all inquiries then.

Meanwhile check out the two new songs by my son and daughter’s band, Murder Mystery at

I appreciate any interest anyone has

‘The Kids are Alright’

Hey Sweetswinger, sorry to hear about your friend. I am sure he will be pleased to see you at this very difficult time.

Not after your gear but I’d like to say that I like your kids’ music, reminds me a little bit of the sound by a band called Propaganda in the 80s. I hope they make it!

Thanks very much. Their first album was named Album of the Year by Crawdaddy but financial success has so far eluded them. I am optimistic so putting an investment group together with some friends to infuse cash needed to create internet presence, etc. and branding. Creating a big buzz organically is expensive!!
Thanks for the support.


OK, I am back to the east coast. In NYC, I have two sets of Wilsons. a set of Turfriders 3-PW, and a set of bullet backs with missing bullets and only 3-8 iron.
I have a Penna Driver and a Nicklaus Tourney Driver here as well.
I don’t do pictures cause I don’t know how to do it!!
and am lazy
I will be in CT tomorrow. I am sure that in CT I have the following sets but no idea the compliment of the sets
Tony Penna PT1 with ceramic face – i believe 2-dual wedge, propel 1 shaft
Tourney CF4000
Hogan Apex plus
Wilson Staff from the 70s
Haig Ultras from 59 and another TP driver

I would prefer to sell everything to one person at once for single negotiable price of no more than 450.00
plus shipping

don’t underestimate the mizuno mp62 which are great; price negotiable on those

Alright, I have completed my inventory
I have a set of Tony Penna PT1 Tourney irons ceramic face, propel 1 shaft 2-wedge-- from the60s
Ihave a set of Wilson Staff Fluid Feel 2-PW, excellent condition from the 70s
I have a set of Hogan Apex PC in very good condition, 3-E, 4 shaft
I have a set of Haig Ultras2-PW from the 50s in surprisingly good condition
These in addition to the Wilson Turfriders and Wilson bullet backs that I mentioned above.
I also have three MacGregor Persimmon drivers: two of which are Tony Penna and all in good shape.

My strongest preference is to sell all six sets of irons and 3 drivers to one person.
I am happy to do it all for 399.00 plus shipping.

Again, I also have several modern drivers including a Nakashima, a Callaway FT9 Tour (draw) and Taylor Made Burner.

I just want to get rid of inventory.

I am also selling great irons the Mizuno MP62 3-PW
I am replacing them with Callaway Mickelson Prototype blades and replacing my drivers with the Callaway Mickelson Tour10.5 driver,2degrees open.
I don’t need the money; I just want to clear space and give money to my kids music projects.

If you know someone who is a serious guitar player or collector, have him get in touch with me about some genuinely rare and wonderfully maintained guitars.

Thanks everyone, and I hope your golf season is going well.
Me,I am suffering from a torn medial miniscus in my right knee but holding off surgery until the golf season passes – if I can.
I now find myself treating Advil as a food group.