Looking For Hogan Irons

I’m essentially looking the 1967 Percussion (PC5) 3-iron and would like to get the Equalizer as well. A 2-iron from that set would be nice as well. Will buy the entire set if it’s in decent enough condition and if it contains a 3-iron.

PM me here or e-mail me at Richie3Jack@yahoo.com


That’s the 2.5" hosel, right?

ironfinder.com has what your looking for, but in the 3" hosel version… ('65-'66)

I’m still looking for the 1967 PC5 irons. I will consider taking a set if possible. But I’m more interested in the 3-iron because I just got the PW (Equalizer) in yesterday)

There is a 1966 and a 1967 set of these irons. I am looking for the 1967 models which can be determined by measuring the hosel length, which for '67 is 2.5" long. The 1966 irons have hosel lengths 3.0" long.


Thought I would post this is RJ3 thread about Hogans

Just put up my set of PT3 (1964) irons for sale- 2 iron thru equalizer
rechromed in mint condition
x-100 dyanamic gold shafts
golf pride V55 grips
lie angle approx 4-5 flat
swingweight D7

PM with questions…looking for around $400 plus some shipping based on the condition and set up of the sticks
will work on responses in orderly fashion to determine outcome or interest

Trust me- Nothing 46 years old will look as good as these clubs- not even Halle Berry :smiley:


Also have a nice looking set of heads Spalding Elite MV2 3 iron - 9 iron (heads only)… brand new[size=150] (SOLD) to macs
these were an old set of heads I got from Spalding in the mid 80’s … honestly don’t know much about them as I never shafted them

Looking for around $50=$60 for the heads plus some shipping if anyone wants a reshaft job to do for a nice looking set of heads- they look just like the older Top Flite irons


Macs - I think you are getting your lofts and lies mixed. A 22 degree lie angle would be one even Count Yogi might struggle to pull off! :smiley:



Thanks Arnie
What I meant was 6 flat lies and 46-22 for lofts