Looking for Golf Set in AUS

hello Everyone,

Just joined up for ABS module 1 a fortnight ago.

Im chasing a set of reasonably priced clubs so I can properly get my teeth into these modules.

I live in middle of Australia so sourcing older clubs can be hard. Even sourcing a simple 1-2 iron is hard (nothin on x-bay i can find in aus)

So if anyone is able to help me out it would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards

I had no luck either here Toby, until I thought I’d start looking at garage sales. The first one I went to had exactly what I needed.

Hi Toby,

Welcome to ABS! I’m sure you’ll be glad you signed up. I might be able to help with the irons…I’ve got 2 MacgGregor sets PW through 2-iron (need to double check about the 2-iron) and a bending machine…I think they have already been tweaked to 4 degrees flat…If interested, shoot me an e-mail & I’ll send you some pics…The only thing I don’t know (which might be a deal killer) is the shipping/duty charge from the US…

Mashie has been very kind to offer me a set of irons from the US, Though postage is a killer.

I have been offered a set of Wilson staff fluid feel clubs(no idea on ages)

or a set of Nicoll Henry cotton extra irons, never heard of these but they look very nice for the price.

Any reccomendations between the 2 for a new ABS strudent?

I think Mahie is down under???