Look what the FedEx guy delivered to my doorstep

Picked these '76 Staffs 2-SW up on eBay for $61. Except for some broken ferrules and rotted grips they seem to be in decent shape.

Now to get them ABS’d




Congratulations! Those are great clubs. They will serve you well. :slight_smile:

What are good weights for us? The 2 iron weighs in at 15.2 oz, but the rest do not seem to be in a good progression from there. Are we looking for a 0.2 oz increase between clubs as a good progression? I am looking to also have the swing weight somewhere around D6.

Thanks for the help.

Look more at the dead weights.

15 oz in the 2 iron up to 17.5 in the PW with the SW being 18 oz
So some kind of progression in that area would be ideal.

Woods dropping down into 14 and a driver no lighter than 13.5.

Remember that the whole idea of lightweight shafts was to re disperse the weight more into the head of the club… not to make the overall weight of the club lighter.

If you are hitting and holding shaft flex into impact, then you are bringing the entire club into the impact equation. I personally prefer heavier shafts because they give better feedback which is the lifeblood of improvement.

Swingers on the other hand will benefit more from strictly head weight because the shaft will have released it’s stored energy prior to impact.

Hitters have the advantage of better compression and less torquing on off centered strikes if they are holding shaft flex…right from putter to driver.

Thanks for the reply John.

The Staffs aren’t too far off from what you are recommending. My Hogans however (90 Hogan Apex Grind) are almost a full ounce lighter per club.

The Staff’s have the original red label Dynamic s-flex shafts in them, so I don’t think they will be too light comparatively. I’ll try to get with my club fitter this week and get these bent down.

As far as grip recommendations, I like the tour wrap grips as they seem to allow a comfortable grip without a glove. What do you prefer?

Just got my clubs back from the local club fitter. The 2 iron weighs in now at 15.58 oz and with a swing weight of D-9. He then progressed those down to the PW at 17.5 oz and an E-3 swing weight. I hit the 7 iron into the net at his workshop. Heavy is all I have to say, with a lot of shots either fat or off the toe. Better get busy doing more Mod 1 with the new clubs.