Look what I found today.

For some time now, I have been checking in regularly at thrift stores looking for old golf clubs.
I have found some interesting clubs over the last year.

One of my favorite places sells clubs for $5 each, regardless of condition.
So, sometimes you get a screaming deal and sometimes they are over-priced.
There is no haggling. You take it or leave it.

My only regret is not picking up the set of copper-faced MacGregor M85s I found in this shop.

Today I found a Tony Penna driver that just had to come home with me.
The grain in the head really caught my eye.
The face has some wear, but I don’t think the ball will notice.
The shaft band is mostly missing, but I can make out the word “ACTION” there.

The best $5 I have spent in a while.

BTW, anyone ever try module work with a club like this?
Smacking the bag with this thing feels pretty good.


Would you take $6? Just kiding…nice scoop. It’s funny some of those thrift shop clubs practically jump out of those club racks at you.

Last year I was lucky enough to pick up a brand new 4-wheel Sun Mountain for $22 at a thift shop