Look Alikes

Here’s something I found in an old mag…bit of fun----add your own if you can think of any separated at birth golfers and other celebs


Bit of a far stretch, but probably still photos don’t do it justice.

Know anyone who looks like this guy?


Maybe Lag?

Was re-watching the M5 video last night.

2 points for anyone who knows who Lags twin is here (except Bom too easy for you)



How about these twins?

I’d love to see that full-page Rextar printed ad again which had Faldo and Price’s faces merged if anyone comes across it.

Ah yes…back to my karaoke days in Japan

That’s Jerry Seinfeld… :laughing:

Why Mashie’s avatar for sure!

I still want to see the real mashie or Fred Funk stand up :smiley:

Well played Mashie.

You win the contest! :laughing:

Surely I have to get a prize for being Master of my Domain, and not participating in The Contest :smiley:

Wanker! :laughing:


Ok, my $50 is on the table.

Good night! :laughing:

Jerry- It’s part of our life, it’s like shaving, we have to do it.
Elaine- Women shave too.
Kramer- Not every day.

Thanks NRG…and yes I’ll have to dig up a comparison…it’s worth a laugh

It’s true Bom,

My problem is, I just love Melon too much. :laughing:

Been wondering about this one for a while… these guys seem cut from the same cloth… and they have the same initials too…