Logos for refinish projects

Does anyone out there know the best way to replace logos on refinish clubs?

Modern vinyl too thick?
Old waterslide decals?

Any thoughts ideas are welcome and appreciated?

Also any preferences on clear coat ?

Kindest, Ian B

Old waterslide decals were readily available from equipment vendors such as Golfsmith and Maltby until a few years ago when metal finally took over and persimmon fell from favor. You occasionally see them advertised on Ebay and it is possible to make new decals but I have not done so. I think you need a decal paper and a good example of the logo to copy.

I recommend a gloss or satin polyurethane for a hard and durable final coat. I like MinWax and Zar and a few others but I avoid Varithane as it does not hold up as well. Get exterior poly if possible. Other finishes such as Tung oil will also work and I know boiled Lindseed oil works on gun stocks and might work for golf clubs though I never tried it.

I love a rubbed oil finish on wood. It feels and looks like satin. Only problem is that you will be having to apply oil occasionally to keep that finish up. But you would have one beautiful club with that finish. I would think urethane would give a longer lasting finish that varnish. I used to use a 2-part urethane finish on my boat wood. Held up to UV better than varnish and you could apply wet on wet without sanding. West Marine usually carries a good supply of exterior wood finishes.

thanks guys I appreciate it ………great suggestions Im definitely going to try!

I think this gentleman has what you’re looking for:


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