Loft on Persimmons?

How would I find out the loft of these woods in general? Were they all the same back then unless special ordered? Sorry for the newbie question! :confused:

Hi Trigger

Feel free to ask away. That’s what we’re here for…

The lofts were/are all different. The more shallow faced clubs sometimes had less loft than the deeper faced ones. You just measure it off a level surface from the center of the face because the faces have bulge and roll. As you change loft the bulge & roll should be changed as well.

But if you’re buying them off ebay etc. I’m sure most sellers have no idea the lofts on their clubs/listing…So you take a chance on getting it right at first, but can change it later on if not spot on for you.

10 degrees is pretty standard on most persimmons. Some players would shave off a few degrees and play 8 or 9. I’ve seen guys with 12 degrees on a driver.

I play between 8 and 10 depending upon the time of year and the course I am going to play. If I feel I need to carry the ball farther I go with the higher loft. If I am playing a harder surface course with lots of wind I might play my 8 degree.

Persimmons are great because you can alter the lie angles with a file and sandpaper with bit of motivation and elbow grease.

Thanks guys! Appreciate the info! Waiting for my eBay purchases to arrive!