Lob Wedge?

This post was prompted by Dave Pelze’s recommendation for the new groove rule; simply add a 64 degree wedge. I have a 60’ and a 58’ Lob wedge, but even before ABS I had given up on them. I think its a speciality club and required a lot of dedicated practice which I did not have time for as my regular swing was taking up all the time. My experience is, it saves you as many stroked as it adds. What is every one else’s experience. Obviously the 64’ will be that much harder.

I don’t know where this nut gets his numbers from but I have a feeling they come from where the sun don’t shine. The only place it changes the spin is semi-rough, everywhere else the shape of the groove is irrelevant unless you’re hitting fat flyers all the time (and a lot of the tv guys are with those huge flanges). Everybody is getting their shorts in a bunch because the ball sucks and won’t spin. Find a ball that spins and pinch it. Then lock Fat Boy in the closet with Peter Kostis and throw away the key please.

Why not do this “1) open the faces of your current wedges and hit a flop/cut shot” as suggested in the article. It should be about the skill not about the equipment.

If you open up even just a PW or GapSW, with a cut shot, you should be able to hit the ball straight up in the air and even catch it if you so desire! Especially with a 56* SW, this should be no problem. They can’t do anything a 56* SW isn’t able to. Lob wedges are pointless, especially a 64*! Wasted space in your bag, if you ask me.