Link to a Bunch of Pro Golfer Releases, With Analysis

Found an interesting article that I thought I would post up for discussion. This author has popped up on ABS a few times and I find his thoughts on golf creative and original even if I don’t always agree. In this article he has captured 3 frames through impact for a BUNCH of pros and he tries to categorize their release syles. Personally I was less interested in his categorization and more fascinated by the various postures, body positions, and arm/hand motion through impact. Such variation from player to player. We see a lot of down the line shots, especially on TV, and many pros look similar. Face on, everybody is so different. Here is a sample and a link to the article. It’s interesting that some of the best ball strikers shown are almost fully turned to the target through impact (Allenby and Furyk). Any thoughts?


Full Article: … tyles.html

I’m surprised no one has commented on this. I think it’s a very interesting article. Thanks for posting it.

Allenby and Furyk are the two that seem to move their heads…but they are starting to rotate their shoulders nice and level and their right arms are more ‘in tight’ to the trunk. The others are a bit more right arm thrusters