Lie Angles

I’ve recently been getting into golf with classic clubs, and I’ve just discovered your forum.

I see comments that lie angles should be much “flatter” than current standards, but I haven’t seen anything definitive on what the angle should be. For example, what angle (specific degree" would you recommend for a 6 iron, approx 37"long.?

If it makes any difference, I’m currently playing Wilson Staff Tour Blades circa 1977/78.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve got a set of the same irons. Waiting for new shafts (dependent upon the CFO/COO sign off).

Clicky here for Lag’s specs

Remember, it’s a process, and a marriage between your swing and your gear. Just flatting out your clubs is not going to instantly make you better any more than buckling up inside a Ferrari is going make you a great driver.

No doubt there are great advantages to flat gear, but you need to train certain muscles and understand certain things before it all makes sense and you have the physical capacity to apply that to the golf ball in a more advantageous way.