Let's play...Forged or Cast! Ben Hogan Producers


Anyone have any information on these 1970s Ben Hogan producers? I have heard they were one of the casts sets, but they are referenced as forged in the above auction.

Anyone ever played with them before?


They are forged. IIRC, Hogan company didn’t start making cast irons until the 90’s.


Thanks, I haven’t been able to find anything on BenHogan.com since it came down and went backup with all of the Callaway branding. This is the only other real direct reference I was able to find on GolfWRX.com:




I’ve hit the Producers before, but it was a long, long time ago. Could’ve sworn they are forged. I’d put money on it, but if somebody is saying different and if they own the clubs, I would change my mind.

They are far from my favorite set of Hogan’s. I have some '67 Percussions…they are flat out awesome. I also have some Apex PC’s and '63 IPT’s, but the Percussions just flat out beat them. The Bounce Sole 1+ is sweet as well. I used to own some Redlines (excellent) and some Apex Grinds (solid). You may want to try the Director’s if you’re interested in the Producers.


There may be a Hogan name on new clubs coming out… but there is no more “Hogan” company… the company ended officially for me when Ben himself stopped looking and approving what was coming out of the R and D dept.

Been over for a long time…

Thank goodness for some of those great grinds back in the day…

The new Hogan company is called… “Ebay” :unamused:

I agree with your sentiments. I’d say pretty much anything after '75 is a bit sketchy. Apex II are good. '83 Medallions are decent (sole is a little too big for my tastes). I like the PC’s and the Redlines (remember saving up money for a summer to buy a 2-PW for $400!) And there’s some others in there, but too many bad ones for my tastes.

I’ve looked at some pics of the Producers. Personally, I’ll eat my hat if they are not forged. They look as forged as an iron can be. I’ve hit them before, but didn’t find anything special about them. But, if you can get them cheap enough you can then fool around with them with the lies (as long as they are forged).


I have a friend in Jacksonville, Florida who has a set of '75 Producers and still has the box they came in. The box says, “Cast” on it. Hope that helps.

Well, yes…that would.

Thanks :slight_smile:


The heads if I remember had detailed embossed signature or emblem on the back that would not appear to have been forged.
Looked to me it had to come out of a casting mold. I could be wrong… but doubt that I am.

i sold these clubs back in the 70’s and they are CAST. good looking head but not made the way most of us want them.