Lefty playing right handed going from swinging to hitting

Hi all,
I would appreciate your related feedback if there are others going through a similar painful process.

I seem to be having a different outcome from trying to be a hitter than some others here. I am a lefty playing right-handed and this has had more negative consequences than I could have possibly thought possible.
Forgetting the backswing, I have always started my downswing by turning my left shoulder socket hard around and pulling my left arm downwards. I have a very good minds eye picture of where my left hand is in space.
Like most people, the hand you DON’T write with is not aware in your mind. It is for this reason I am having great difficulty becoming a hitter where the right side is dominant.
I have swung a club left handed and I can feel the left hand moving around the right hand as it moves through P3 and I can feel the hit well with it. Of course the contact is terrible as I have never played this way.
I don’t have the same feeling when doing the same thing right handed. Maybe there’s some drills about awakening the feel in the right hand.
The point is that for some reason I can’t translate the left arm/handed dominance very well into the hitting protocol.

Mac O’Grady has shown us that you can hit from either side with great results if you apply the proper principles regardless
of your natural inclination.

Remember, there are no mysteries in the golf swing. It would be great if you could shoot over some vids soon.
I would like to see you take a half backswing, then just tear into PV5… all the way as aggressive as possible.
Three vids, one from front, one from behind, and one swinging as if you were hitting over the camera.

Post here, in the private student forum, or send them to my email… It’s hard for me to speculate without seeing
what is going on… :confused: