Lee Trevino Says Goodbye to Texas Golf

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This is sad to me for a number of reasons. First it’ s ridiculous for them to move this tournament to a course like TPC. It’s a beautiful course, but doesn’t jive with the type of play most of those guys engage in. There are plenty of other courses here in San Antonio that would fit Lee’s (and others) type of play perfectly, but TPC aint one of them. Second, I am a bit sentimental about Oak Hills, because living in San Antonio I have watched Lee many many times as a youngster at Oak Hills. My old man used to let me ditch school back in the late 70’s/early 80’s to go to the Texas Open to hang out and watch these guys when everybody else was working or in school. Herman Mitchell, Lee’s old caddy was one of the nicest folks…always enjoyed talking to him.

My brother in law was at this tournament last weekend and said that in true Lee fashion he had the crowd in an uproar on the first tee bantering with them about how the Dallas Cowboys are doing so poor this season. It’s hard to imaging they’ll be no more of that type of entertainment at the Texas Open.