Lead Tape


I made a greedy rookie mistake thinking I found a good deal for lead tape at the eBay link listed below.
In my opinion the tape at this link is paper thin and mostly useless for swing weight adjustment. :blush:
Also, trying to apply two or more layers won’t work because the adhesive does not bond well enough. :blush:


I don’t know the minimum thickness needed for useful lead tape, but if the seller does not list the thickness, proceed with caution!

Hope this might prevent some useless grief.

I think that lead foil is designed for counter weighting under the grips.

You can get hold of a 1" wide tape now from Golfsmith which is about 6 gms with each length of tape on the back of a club.

Thanks NRG.
You’ve helped me before with club questions. If I had better sense, I would have checked with you before buying that tape.