Latest Project: Flat Power Bilt 3 Wood

[b]With the untimely demise of my fav 3 wood, (4300 Staff Tour Block I posted on…) had to knock the dust off the workbench
and get back to it! :smiley: This nice little Pwr Bilt head was donated to me , along with a couple other nice heads from a friend here at ABS… Came out pretty good at 49 deg. and sits a shade open at address which I prefer. Tipped an x100 1.5 in.
and 1/2 oz. lead under the trunk got it to 14 oz. Busted a screw on the sole plate and had to replace with a not so pretty replacement screw , so no pic.s of the sole as I kinda boogered it up a bit ! :blush: Plenty functional though!!
Will stay on MOD3 thru the summer, and the work I have been putting in here has got my pivot strength improved to the point so I can hit this set up with confidence ! This one I definitely do not lose left !!