Lagpressure on Bradley Hughes Podcast

Not sure where this post belongs, but John was on Bradley’s podcast.

Awesome Interview


Hey Lag, nice to see you got some propane for the grill and back up and running. Will take a while to get up to speed on this new platform.


There’s a Rat in the house.

Welcome back Ratter!! :smiley:

This podcast was a great catch up to discuss our beliefs on the swing.
There really is no better way to improve your physics and dynamics than the course we present.
John and I have made it a plan to continue to do some more podcasts together and continue to spread the word of ABS and better golf


For other podcasts I have done see some links below. You should be able to just search for Bradley Hughes Golf Podcast and find the action there from that search button.
I have been fortunate to do a few episodes with several golfers and insightful people such as Ian Baker Finch- Frank Nobilo, Curtis Strange, Steve Williams, Brendon Todd, Steve Elkington, Rich Beem, Mark Calcavecchia, Bob Vokey and a few others. I have a double episode with Mike Clayton about course design and such which are great also

This is the Steve Williams Podcast link

This is the Curtis Strange link

You should be able to find the others from my main page which will be accessible from these links also


Bradley, I have listened to all your available podcasts. They are all great. I did have issues with a few episodes. The Bob Vokey, David Clark and the Q and A podcast don’t seem to have any audio. At least on iHeart.

Thanks for all you do.
Rick Thomason

Not sure why- I only listen to them thru Apple and they all work well there. They are posted on Apple podcasts and the others pick them up - I guess?- so it’s probably a them more than me situation if something goes awry

Thanks Bradley, I will check on other platforms. I just completed a Zoom seminar with Jenni Jones(Sevill), whom I heard on your podcast. Great info on the metal side of golf.

Rick Thomason

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Great interview with Mark Lye on latest podcast. Mark has an interesting take on the LIV Golf situation.

Rick Thomason

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