Lagpressure John Erickson interview on "On the Mark" podcast with Mark Immelman

Have a watch on just published Lagpressure John Erickson interview on “On the Mark” podcast with Mark Immelman:

Excellent interview. I would say that someone who is not familiar with ABS may not fully be able to appreciate what John is talking about.

Those of us who study ABS already will find this a great summary and reminder of many things that we study but always can benefit from hearing it again.

The purpose of an interview like this is to raise awareness and interest. To that end, those that sense the truths that John is talking about on this YouTube, then can find out more about John on YouTube, or here, or at Bradley Hugh’s material, or here at :slight_smile:



Great podcast. It’s really ironic that so many instructors would bash the ABS program. But now what they bashed is what they are teaching and promote. It’s like calling the kettle black

the interview serves as a great summary and reminder for those who are familiar with ABS (Advanced Ball Striking) and that it raises awareness and interest in the ballsportspro.