Lag send in that Resume to be Tiger's coach

Haney’s gone. Tiger needs to go ABS. Send in that application Lag!

Tiger will do just fine without anyone…

I am quite sure Tiger can figure out his own problems…
If he actually needed to drive the ball straight, he would do so… but the modern tour courses don’t require modern players
to drive the ball straight. Tiger knows this, so I don’t think he is that concerned about it. If you can hit 70% of the greens from being in the rough 50% of the time, then Tiger’s game is set up correctly for today’s game. He and others are simply
playing into what is being offered.

But Tiger was last in driving distance at the Player’s Championship. Short and crooked doesn’t work in golf.

His problems are not that tough to fix.

One session on Module 1 and he’d immediately realize his left hand palm grip doesn’t work and would probably curse the day that he took that tip from Haney. Keeping his #4 PP (another ABS concept) in the backswing will prevent him from getting laid off at the top and hitting those pulls and block slices.