Lag on GolfSmarter podcast

Lag was recently interviewed on the GolfSmarter podcast

Part 1 is free and you get it on iTunes as well. Part 2 is for members only.

Fred Green, the GolfSmarter host, lives near Lag, here in Northern California, were I live as well. So it was great seeing some good exposure for Lag and ABS.

I dont know if it is just me but John sounded angry on the Podcast? Maybe the interview guy pushed him the wrong way!..It seems like with Lags exposure other more famous golf entities will be wanting interviews.

Sounded driven to me, tricycle comment made the interview.

Of course I was angry! :smiley: Been angry about the state of this great game for years! This was edited down from about and hour of talking on part 1… but Fred did a nice job with it. He’s very good. Probably good that he gave me a large cup of black coffee just before the interview :smiling_imp:

It’s a pretty well followed podcast… so no reason not to hammer home the points I have been making here for years… to a wider audience.

No hate mail yet… so maybe that’s a good sign.

Great stuff Lag, if that’s you being angry, I need anger management classes. :slight_smile:

When I see touring pros pulling long irons from their bags 3 or 4 times a round from the fairway on par 4’s… and no more hitting 50% of the fairways and winning tour events… then I might shut up… at least for a while.

Anyone want to play Stonetree golf course on Saturday, June 29th, in Novato, CA? The host of GolfSmarter podcast, Fred, and myself are playing.