Lag, lightbulb moments and videotape

Mod 3 ABS Student:

Just wanted to write you with an update on my swing improvements. Have worked through MOD 3 with Neil and have had to move on to practicing my full swing over the passed month or so. I have an annual buddy’s tournament in a few weeks in Myrtle Beach and have to get some rounds under my belt.

Have to say after playing my 3rd round with my Dynas you bent that I can’t be any more pleased. Joined up as a single with 3 other players. You should have seen their faces when I pulled on my foot joy classics with metal spikes on the 2nd hole a ripped My persimmon pole shafted driver down the middle about 230 yards! One guy just couldn’t believe what gear I was playing with and couldn’t wrap his head around it. On one uphill par 4 him and I were in the fairway at 193 out- I cut a perfect 3 iron into the green. He said “great shot- what did you hit? I said 3 iron and asked him the same and said 6…

I hit more quality shots during that round then I ever have before. Average Drive was 228 yards and in play. Had no penalty shots because of my driver. Lost 2 balls as I overcut an iron off the tee to OB and one approach shot with a 5 iron that I tried to cut but ended up smashing it straight but into a hazard.

Still getting used to how far each club goes. The sound of the club is an intense Thwack!

Thanks John!



Once again, I coached the Vacaville High School golf team and they ended up being League Champs.

My method was mostly ABS theory. So a big thanks to you for having a major influence on their success. You and ABS deserve a great deal of credit for the rate the kids improved this year. It was the fastest in my 20 years of coaching.

Just wanted you to know that your work is effecting more than just those you directly deal with.

Again BIG thanks,



Hey John,

I played yesterday at Tpc stonebrae in Hayward. First time playing there and personal best score. A 74. But this is kicker 7 birdies including 3 in a row on the back 9. I played it tipped out at 7000 yards and truly felt that if I got myself with an iron in hand I had a chance to make a birdie. I’ve been tracking my stats which is interesting to say the least.

Gir: 14/18

Strokes gained: the numbers came out as this in comparison to pga tour averages!

Driving -.04, approach +6.43, around the green, +0.79, putting -3.99

I guess I got work to do on the flat stick but +6.43
On approach is 100% everything you have taught me over the years.

It’s a pretty tight driving course and the green complexes are big and undulating which actually makes it really fun for ball striking because to get it close you have spin it into position. Reminds me a little bit of pasa tiempo but without as much bunkering!

Thanks for everything!



Hey John and hope all is well. Had best ball striking round since starting ABS in January last week. Hit 12 fairways and 10 greens.

When I get the club on the 430 line on the downswing I feel like I can’t miss the shot.
Worked through mod 6 with Neil and when I get it the club shallow on p3 I hit a piercing shot with a 5 yard fade with a high trajectory truly unbelievable for me.

Thanks for everything you all do.

“The past couple months I ‘ve been practicing more than ever and doing the modules 4,5,6. I am now striking the ball better than ever before, my low point issue has been solved and my putting yips too. I’m a lot more comfortable around the greens because of your tips🙂. I now and then get into the forum and those Hogan modules are going to be good, I really believe you deconstructed perfectly Hogan’s action.”

Best regards from Malaga, Jorge

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